California Grill or Artist Point

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California Grill or Artist Point

Bit of a dilemma.

I have one night left for a dining reservation. I have included all the new places I wanted to try but I am left with one night for an evening meal.

I have ate at both in the past and love both for different reasons.

Which one should I choose?


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Never ate at Artist Point but Cali Grill is always a hands down favorite for us.

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mrhub wrote:
Never ate at Artist Point but Cali Grill is always a hands down favorite for us.


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Good News! There's no wrong answer.

Look at the menus and see what appeals to you the most. Both restaurants have great food and service. The view at California Grill is amazing but Artist Point is a little more quiet and romantic.


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I've eaten at Artist Point twice and it was great both times (ask for a table near the windows). Can't compare it to the Cali Grill until 5/31.

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Hmmm.... Natazu is right that there's no wrong answer.

I'm going to go with Artist Point because I like their menu better. I also like the boat ride from Magic Kingdom to Wilderness lodge. Makes for a very romantic night.

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I'm all about the California Grill. Everything about it from the atmosphere to the food to the service is fantastic. You can't go wrong with the Cali!


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We've never ate at either but when we go on our adult only trip we plan on trying Cali Grill cause of all the good recommendations we have heard here. Also there is more on the Cali Grill menu that appealed to us then on the Artist Point menu


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yay What a joyful dilemma to have!

We love Cali Grill, but had a wonderful meal at Artist Point. AP is quieter and that is a big plus. Like Natazu said. . . Can't go wrong either way.


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