Candlelight Processional: package or no package

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Candlelight Processional: package or no package

Has anyone made the decision whether or not to get a package for the processional? (Or do you have any good processional stories to tell?)

Here's info from last year and the narrators for this year:




2010 Beach Club Resort
2005 Port Orleans Riverside
2006 Animal Kingdom Lodge
2007 Wilderness Lodge
2008 Animal Kingdom Lodge
2009 CBR/Polynesian

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We've done both (package and no package). If you're strapped for time, get the package. You have to eat, after all, and this guarantees you a meal and gives you a better shot at a decent seat.

If you've got some time to kill, consider getting in line early for the first show, then bring a book to read or take turns holding the spot in line.

I've seen it so crowded that the stand-by line didn't entirely get in and I've seen it so tame that everyone got in with no problem. You never know what's going to happen. I DO suggest the early show if you don't have a reservation, however; nobody likes a candlelight processional when it's still light out, so people choose the later shows.

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What can go wrong with eating in World Showcase? clapping

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I've done the package exclusively, and was always really glad to do it. With my luck the night I went without a package it would rain and there would be no room left in the seats under the roof!

Besides, as a former musician I like to watch the orchestra, so being close-up is best. Smile

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I've only done the packages, but I've really enjoyed them.