Captain Fred's Airboat Adventures

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Captain Fred's Airboat Adventures

In my ever searching quest to post things in this thread and keep it moving, how about a trip on Captain Fred's Airboat Nature Tour?

Okay, I admit it, I just thought that the name was funny and wanted to use "Captain Fred" as many times as I could. So, have you been to Captain Fred's? Have you ever been on an airboat at all? I've only seen them on TV but I think that they look like they would be both fun and a little scary to ride. So let us know! Have you taken a tour with Captain Fred? Would you?

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Is it a 3-hour tour? Sorry, couldn't resist. laugh

It looks like it would be fun.


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I've been on one, it was fun. It was at the Everglades Alligator Farm, somewhere in-between Miami and Key Largo. It wasn't scary at all, it was quite large, with bench seating, I think, compared to what you see on TV. They gave us ear protection, and would zip along, then shut the fan off and describe what we were seeing.
One of those touristy things that is worth doing once.