Cheap To Pay For Travel

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Cheap To Pay For Travel

So we're pretty frugal with just about everything in life except travel. Studies apparently support the idea that one of the few expenses that you don't ever regret are experiences. Everything we'd spend we'd think of what percentage of a trip (Disney or otherwise) we'd be giving up. Does anyone else do this?

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We'd definitely rather spend our money on travel than anything else. Like you said that helps us be frugal in other things.

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Yep! The things my money goes on the most is probably travel. After that I do spend a lot of money on goign to gigs, drinking and eating. However I tend to go to cheap gigs, drink cheap beer and eat mostly vegetables, so that doesn't cost me too much really!

I definitely know what you mean about thinking "well I COULD buy *insert item inferior to travel here*, but that would be another day spending budget away!".




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DSoup..are you from New Jersey?

I am just wondering because I have a very good friend from NJ and she was giving me the rundown about how seriously people from New Jersey take vacationing. Basically saying how people will scrimp and save all year and then take a huge blow out trip.


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