Coronado Springs Dining Options

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Coronado Springs Dining Options

So, with the new buffet at Pepper Market, the restaurant closes at 2pm each day and doesn't open again until around 5 for dinner.

This seems like a serious issue when it comes to being a conference resort, because it means that there really aren't any good food options available to people between 2 and 5pm! You have Rix To-Go, which has sandwiches and perhaps a few hot microwaved items, but no seating.

Would anyone else be bothered by this as a conference attendee?

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I think it would depend if the conference was feeding us or not. But in general, I do think that there should be food available at any time. I don't think most conference attendees (or their families along with) pay much attention to the restaurant schedule and would assume that something is open at any time.