Credit cards

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Credit cards

Sorry it's me again. Lol

Didn't know where to put this so hopefully it's In the right place.

Last time I went to Walt Disney world I was surprised that credit cards were accepted but a signature was used to identify you. This was back in 2006, and was wondering if this was the case or is it chip and pin?


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Same as usual. I think you can use a pin if you have a debit.


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We had an american friend stopping with us last week who had exactly the opposite situation. Her cards were all the old (for us Brit's at least) style swipe and sign style and some UK shops didn't know how to deal with them.

If you're going to use your UK cards in the US they'll use swipe and sign backed up by photo ID. I normally use my driving license photocard.

Your normal PIN will work in ATM/cash machines.


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What Tony said laugh

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They will only ask to see your ID if the back of your card isn't signed. But on purchases over $50 the register automatically prints a receipt for you to sign.