Cruise the Sassagoula River

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Cruise the Sassagoula River

Do you ever hop on the boat to Downtown Disney just because?

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Usually I have a specific destination in mind, usually EoS.


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Actually, we hop the boat from DTD to POR (where we honeymooned) and then after a while take a bus somewhere else. That's a great ride.



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Yeah because I want to get there! We did on our first trip with friends Tom & Del. We got back from the parks one night and they were pretty tuckered out. We decided to go take the boat to DTD just because we never had before. It was our first time at SSR & as DVC members. We had a great time.

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Love the boat trip from POR TO DOWNTOWN DISNEY so peaceful



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We never once got on the boat when we were staying at Old Key West last year. This November we'll be at Saratoga Springs, and I think we'll definitely make it onto the boat. For one thing, we're thinking Earl of Sandwich on arrival night. And with Downtown Disney right across the pond, I imagine we'll pop over fairly regularly.

But to the original question, no, never got on the boat just for the heck of it.

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Whenever we stay at POR, we hop the boat in the evening at least once just for the ride. We don't really like Downtown Disney all that much, so we usually take a boat back within half an hour.



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I will definitely be taking the boat from POFQ to DTD for my ADR at Wolfgang Puck's Cafe.

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I didn't have anything planned on arrival day last year. As I was wondering around DTD I made my way to where the boat to the PO resorts. I hopped on and went to POFQ.


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In May we stayed at Old Key West and took the boat to DTD and really enjoyed the ride. We had something planned the first time we took the boat but the second time was just for the ride.

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We have never done it but we plan on doing it this November when we are there


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Every once in a while when we are at DTD we will take a cruise, it's a relaxing ride, we like looking at the golf courses and I think the tree house villas are so cool! We usually get off at POR and stroll around, maybe get some beniegts, and back to the boat we go for another relaxing cruise.



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I have taken a few boat rides on every one of my 63 times to WDW. I either do it just for fun or to get to any place that I can get to on the boat. I am never in a hurry at WDW and love the boat rides. Been on them all many times.
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When I was 20 and living in Winter Park.. My friends and I used to go to DTD for the Virgin Megastore... And one time my friend and I decided to walk around while my other friend was taking forever deciding between like 5 records... Long story short, I spotted "a boat" and asked my friend (Jon) if he wanted to get on and see where it took us.... Well, we ended up at POR and instead of being super excited about our surroundings we were like.. "oh crap"... "greg is gonna kill us.."... He was the one that drove and instead of being a couple of smart 20 year olds we waited for the DTD bus to come get us instead of just hopping back on "the boat."... Needless to say, we were screamed at by our friend for him having to wait for us.. He almost left without us... But I thought it was a fun adventure! clapping


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We have never been on this boat ride before. Though I think we will cut out some time in August to take this trip. We always seem to find something new each time we visit. That's one of (the many, many) things we truly love about Disney.

Each trip brings it's own experience and new discoveries we have never done. Tough to say as many times as I have been blessed to go. Never the less, each time we discover something we did not on out last visit. That is the magic of Disney for us.

Looking forward to trying this boat ride out very soon.

I agree with subvetss on never being in a hurry at Disney. We like to take our time and do things at whatever pace we feel like that day.


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