Disney College Program

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Disney College Program

We don't talk about this much since we are all "grownups" (in number only). Did any do or have experience with anyone in the college program? I didn't hear about it until after I graduated. I considered doing it in Grad School but I was already married and thought it wouldn't be good to spend a semester away from my husband. If I could go back to undergrad I would totally do this!

Did you do the college program or know anyone who has? It seems like such great fun.


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My soroity big sis did a semester at wdw she worked at Dinoland's, dino dig. I heard great things from her about it, but she was stuck to that one place the whole sememster which seemed a shame to me, I'd want to hit all 4 parks for a taste of everything.


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I dont know anyone who went, but I have had some great conversations with cast members who were in this program. Especially ones with pins. Its a great way to get college credit.


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I know a few people who did it and really enjoyed it. They also have professional internship programs that are pretty competitive...I had a friend do one of those and she loved it so much that she ended up going back to Disney after graduation to work. mickey

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Ha - the only experience I have with the college program is the poor college student who ended up in the kitchen while I was there. She had 0 culinary background, and from the look on her face and her enthusiasm level, 0 interest in getting any. I didn't really take the time to get to know her or ask her any questions. But I always wondered how in the world she got stuck in the kitchen. She was a bit of a princess. I mean, so was I, but I was there volunarily (with my misplaced Martha Stewart aspirations.)