Disney dreams

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Disney dreams

I've checked some of the the chit chat posts and haven't found the topic of Disney dreaming; meaning do you have dreams where you are at the parks? Me and my two daughters have Disney dreams. I dream that I'm at DL because that is where I occasionally spent my childhood summers. My married daughter dreams that she is there with her kids. They watch Disney movies and sing alongside frequently so it's understandable to dream Disney. My single daughter was a CM in Florida so she Disney dreams as well. My dreams are mostly walking down Main Street listening to the music. Sometimes I dream that I can't get into the park or I've lost one of my kids. Whenever one of us has a Disney dream we tell each other the dream and we'll say all together, "it's a sign, we need to go to DL!"

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More often than not they're day dreams for me - but I also have Disney dreams.

Usually the day dreams are of rides, like sitting in the log on Splash Mountain, or singing along in the boat for PotC. The full blown dreams will be full days at the park, with amazing weather and all the amazing ambiance of wherever we happen to be...

*happy sigh* I love me some Disney. muchlove


No trips planned currently... But we're hopeful something in 2017!!!

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My youngest daughter has been having lots of Disney dreams lately since we're just 28 days away from our trip. She's really worried that she's not going to get to see Peter Pan and it's invading her dreams.

I have dreams about Disney sometimes but nothing much lately.

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Yes I do but I do daydream of Disney as well. How can you expect anything else from all of us that have joined this forum? silly