Disney Increases Layoffs to 32,000 Employees

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Disney Increases Layoffs to 32,000 Employees

The bad news just keeps on coming for Disney Cast Members as the number of anticipated lay-offs continues to rise even higher than originally announced in the Parks, Experiences and Products division. Earlier in the year it was announced that 28,000 people would be let go by years end. This week it was announced that the number would grow to 34,000 anticipated lay-offs by March 2021.

We've discussed on the forum the emotional toll this crisis is taking on both cast members and dedicated fans who had established relationships with them. We've also talked about how important it is for business structure to be maintained and right now and how cost cutting measures are necessary for businesses all across the globe, not only at Disney.

Disney has suffered an adverse impact of about $7.4 billion dollars due to the ongoing global health crisis. The hospitality, travel, and entertainment industries are expected to continue to take hits deep into 2021.