Disney Magic is Alive and Well.... Yeahaw!!!

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Disney Magic is Alive and Well.... Yeahaw!!!

It is TRUE..... Dreams do come true at Disney!! yeah banana awesome muchlove

So after scoring the BWV for four nights during the Food & Wine in November, the other night through a DVC member, and still on Cloud 9 about that.... pillowfight

I e-mailed the DVC member about a waitlist I had read about on the DVC forums last night. I'm a newbie to the DVC world, so I ask if he could look into putting an extra day request in for me through this waitlist at his home resort (BWV). The original plan was for a 5-night trip to Food & Wine, but were only able to score 4-nights through the DVC member (I'm definitely not complaining!! laugh ).. So long story longer... My DVC member places a waitlist request for me this morning at 0900 and by noon, he had a confirmation that the BWV Deluxe Studio (preferred view) had come open for the date I wanted and he snatched it up for me.... It was only 15 points, too boot... awesome

Can you believe!!! yay Not only did I get my dream resort for Food & Wine, but also got the exact dates that my wife and I wanted... There is some Disney Magic, after all, not that I ever doubted it!! stars

So needless to say, I am stoked to the max... Five nights at Food & Wine and just steps away from the festival itself... I can't wait!! yay

Sorry for the rambling... I'm just over the moon... angelwings

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SO FUN!!!!!!!!!


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Yay!!! That's awesome, Mike! mickey


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yeah awesome..

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Wow, you are one lucky cricket! yeah

Enjoy awesome

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Nice. Waitlists are successful quite often.


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How exciting yay

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Awesomeness! yay


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So excited for you! Love when Disney magic happens. yay

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Nice!! muchlove