Disney makes a donation!

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Disney makes a donation!

I just heard that WDE has donated a DVD copy of 'Lincoln' the movie to every middle and high school in the US. Nice gesture of generosity and goodwill (and publicity). Any one else hear this and what are your thoughts?


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I hadn't heard that yet, but I just got home. That would be cool if they did. I didn't go see Lincoln, but it couldn't be worse than some of the other "educational" movies that my son has watched in public school.

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It does appear that one copy of Lincoln will be going to every public and private middle and high school from several high schools:


It appears the movie was a partnership between Dreamworks and Disney's studios, so different articles credit it as different things (some mention Disney, some don't), but regardless I definitely think that's very cool and generous!! I haven't seen the movie either but have heard it's great, and even if not entirely historically accurate it still would be a good jumping point to get kids interested in US history!


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