Disney Rash

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Disney Rash

Anybody heard of it?
Anybody had it?
Any tricks to get rid of it?

On the Monday of our recent trip, we returned to the room and I noticed a bright red outbreak on the backs of my wife's calves.
She was not aware of it. She was not in any discomfort. Rubbing her leg she could feel nothing.

We quickly ruled out sunburn (only her calves were affected. We ruled out sun poison (no blistering).

We got on-line and tried to identify it. Upon entering the symptoms we found golfers vasculitis. Clicking on it produced two things. One, photos (warning: some photos are pretty nasty looking) that looked exactly like the back of her calves, and two, the phrase Disney Rash.

The description of both is a subcutaneous redness caused by doing lots of walking in very hot weather. It said it would fade over time and suggested cold towels if you experienced any discomfort. We took it easy on Thursday and by Saturday it was fading. This morning (Sunday)it had faded to the point that some areas were not visible.

Any info would be appreciated.

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Goodness, no. Never experienced it nor heard of it. I too Googled it. I'm glad it didn't cause discomfort for her! I will have to watch out for that.


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Interesting. I've not heard the term "Disney Rash" before, nor have I experienced it.

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Interesting as I don't know about Disney Rash but in the heat if I wear sneakers and sox I get that rash every time. And so now I wear Tevas and I will still get it but not as much and yes you don't even know you have the rash.




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I had a rash on my legs after a Disney vacation several years ago. It ended up being an allergic reaction to sunscreen. It didn't hurt but my legs were covered in bumps for a few days after my trip ended.



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I get it on my ankles fairly regularly after a day Disney walking in the heat. Takes a couple of weeks to fade. I've never really had any adverse effects from it - if I didn't see it, I wouldn't know anything was wrong.

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I get a rash on my legs in most warm weather, especially if I'm walking and got the same in Disney, mine is due to the amount of oedema in my legs and the heat brings the water to the surface and cooks it, like prickly heat, however it does not hurt and goes away with time.

My only recommendation is a cooling or soothing lotion or moisturiser and elevating the legs when possible.

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It's just a regular heat rash. Definitely not unique to Disney, but it's interesting that they get stuck with the name.

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KenJ wrote:
It's just a regular heat rash. Definitely not unique to Disney, but it's interesting that they get stuck with the name.

That's kind of what I thought.