Disney Rewards Cards?

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Disney Rewards Cards?

I know several people with Disney Rewards cards and I was curious if any of you have one. Do you recommend it, if so?

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Good question Brad! I do not have one, ( 2 other cards) and I have asked myself that very question a few times. Stay or change is the question for me.
Looking forward to hearing what others have to say.


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We have a Disney Visa Rewards Card (mostly because DW likes the little mickey on the front), and it's come in handy. We have all of our bills and things hooked up to come out of our credit card, so we always go to WDW with an extra $50-$100 to spend. Usually we just give it to the hotel front desk and let them take whatever's on there to put toward the room cost. But sometimes we delegate the rewards points for "special treats."




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Given how much we go to WDW, a Disney dollar is probably worth about the same as a real dollar to me. We might need to consider getting one of these. They don't usually have fees do they?

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Yes, we have the card and a big YES I would recomend it to anyone that goes to Disney very often. That is the only credit card we have. So far there are still no fees to have it. We put everything on it. And I do mean everything from gas and groceries to everything we spent on our sons weddings. It really does add up. We do only cash in our dollars once a year or so but usually end up with at least $200 and we have hit much higher than that the two years of the two weddings. I also do know that where I work we use a Chase credit card. Although it gives a point per dollar the charge for the gift items makes those points worth the same as Disney's 1 Disney dollar for every hundred you spend.

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I have one. I definitely use the rewards dollars, but don't find myself using the "extra perks" all that much.

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Annie wrote:
I have one. I definitely use the rewards dollars, but don't find myself using the "extra perks" all that much.

Any worth mentioning?