Disney Transport or Rental Car?

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Disney Transport or Rental Car?

This is such a great debate--what's the prevailing decision on our Board?


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We always rent a car. It saves so much time for us, as we never go to a park and stay there all day. We usually go to a park for a few hours, then head to a resort for lunch, go back to our resort to relax, then to dinner at another resort, then to another park.... exhausting if you consider how many busses we'd have to catch!




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The freedom of the rental is hard to overcome for us.

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I voted for rent a car, but we also take Disney transportation a lot of the time as well. If there's a boat or monorail to be taken, we do that! We love traveling by boat and monorail at Disney--it reminds us that we're on vacation!

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Usually we rent a car too. While at WDW, we like to zip around to the other hotels, parks and things. A trip to International Drive, Celebration, all the things that add to your visit.

Like was said earlier, if Disney transportation is available, we'll take it, but for most inter-hotel transportation that isn't practical.

On one of our cruise trips not too long ago, we used the Magical Express to our hotel, then one afternoon we rented a car on site and went to International Drive and a few other places. Then took the DCL bus to the ship. That was enjoyable.


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