Is Disney World Going to Be Disappointing Now?

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Is Disney World Going to Be Disappointing Now?

Is anyone else struggling with the thought of returning to WDW in the near future? Do you worry that your Fall trips will be a little lack luster? I know that many of you have APs, so perhaps you aren't quite as worried that there won't be much to do. I'll be honest in saying that I'm a bit unsure about my September trip. It might just end up being a week lying by the pool at the Riviera. Which actually doesn't sound all that bad to tell you the truth. I'm going to need lots of cocktails.

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I really think it depends on what's important to you. Yes entertainment won't be there in a way that we are used to but it still will be present. I'm kind of hoping fastpass doesn't come back because the lines usually move a lot faster with no fastpass. I am really sad that Not So Scary got cancelled but I understand why. The magic is still there if you look hard enough. I'm really hoping Magic Kingdom gets decorated for the fall.