Disneyland Food & Wine Festival info announced

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Disneyland Food & Wine Festival info announced

Okay, I know this is WDW for Grownups, but I'm still excited about the news clapping

The Disney California Food & Wine Festival details have been announced, and we might be able to attend a few of them! I'd love to go; has anyone been?

Does anyone have suggestions for hotels?

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I still have yet to make it to Disneyland. Kind of hoping to do it this year.

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Great info, admin. After going to the F&W Festival this past year in Epcot, I'd love to try California's.




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I would LOVE to meet Guy Fieri!! Standing in line for the events doesn't sound like much fun, though.


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Has anyone ever been to this? It seems like a big deal, but you never hear about it like you do Epcot's.