Disney's customized maps

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Disney's customized maps

I mentioned these in passing a while back, and just wanted to let you all know I received mine in the mail a couple of weeks ago and have reviewed them at my blog. If you haven't yet ordered your own customized maps, you might consider it. It's FREE (and who doesn't love free souvenirs?) and the quality is pretty good for free. Let's just say I've gotten token "gifts" from my employer during "staff appreciation week" that weren't as nice as these are! Sad, but true. laugh

My review

Link to create your own customized maps



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Wow! Those are great. I've never seen anything like that for "free." Going to read the review when I get home from work.

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SF, that's a really cool article. I didn't know anything about those and they look great. Thanks for the links.

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Thanks for the link to the article, SF. I'm so glad to see and hear that the Disney magic--even in a freebie--is so well maintained.

::Off to get me some maps...maybe a birthday gift for DW::




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Those are awesome! Thanks for posting!


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This is a great post, btw. Really interesting. I'm thinking about just going ahead and ordering one to get my 6 month counter started.