Disney's Take On Streaming Media

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Disney's Take On Streaming Media

Interesting quick blurb on Disney's take on streaming media.


I find it interesting that they're still trying to figure out "how to make money off of it." I've watched TV shows on the web. Usually the whole show was brought to you by one advertiser and I can honestly say that they got WAY more for their money than they did on TV imo.

When they advertise on the web it's a quick 30 second blurb so it's not worth leaving for. Also since I can watch anytime on the web I don't have to Tivo, and everyone knows if I Tivo it, I'm skipping the commercials. As such I wonder why everyone's still talking about how to get paid for TV on the web.

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You can watch ABC shows on the 'net can't you? Isn't Grey's Anatomy on ABC?