Dolphin Deluxe Alcove?

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Dolphin Deluxe Alcove?

My eyes, toes and fingers are all crossed that we get some incredible deal that will allow us to return to the Beach Club in August 2014. But, just in case, I'm doing some research on alternatives.

Last year, I had booked a Deluxe Alcove room at the Dolphin (Just in case...) when we were lucky enough to get a PIN from Disney. So I cancelled the Dolphin.

With the teacher's discount, the Deluxe Alcove at the Dolphin was $239 a night... pretty darn reasonable for a Deluxe that sleeps 6 and allows you to WALK to 2 different parks.

What I SHOULD have done, of course, was find some time that week to explore the Dolphin, for our next trip. As a family of 5, our on site options are a little limited. (OK, I admit it: I'm kind of a spoiled brat when it comes to Disney. We save for a long time for these trips, and I want a really nice resort with a great pool. So as nice as the AoA and ASM Family Suites are, they're simply not what we're looking for in a Disney vacation.Ditto with Fort Wilderness... so NOT my thing!)

So... here it is, my question: What are your opinons on the Dolphin, and the Deluxe Alcove in particular if anyone has stayed in one. How long was the walk from Epcot after a long day? How is the pool? I've never been to the Boardwalk-- is it worth staying at the Dolphin for Boardwalk access? Did you miss that "Disney feel"??


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Hi Aliceacc, we stayed at the Dolphin for 10 nights in December 2008. We got an amazing offer, it cost less than a Disney moderate. Our room was deluxe standard. The hotel was great, the restaurants and bars are fabulous. The pool area is gorgeous. It is an easy walk to the boardwalk and yacht & beach club. We also walked to Epcot and HS, easy in moderate December climates. But although in a lot of respects it was better than the Disney hotels, I missed the theming and magic. It felt more corporate. If your priorities are location and a high quality resort then stay at the Dolphin. If your priorities are immersing yourself in Disney magic and theming then you really need to stay at a Disney hotel. I just asked my husband if he would stay there again while I am typing this and he said no, too corporate. I think we would choose POR or FQ for similar price, but more magical and personal.


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I have never stayed at the swan and dolphin but we did walk over there last trip from the beach club and it is beautiful, and the walk was not bad, but that was early in the day it may be a bit much at the end of the day coming back from epcot


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Dolphin is about a fifteen minute walk from Epcot, or you can always take a boat. Walk back via Boardwalk and stop at Boardwalk Bakery or Seashore Sweets. The "Heavenly Beds" at the Dolphin are wonderful.

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I'm thinking you're going to get the fabulousness you're looking for while at the Dolphin...I think it's just going to be a non-Disney type fabulousness. If you're looking for an awesome hotel with an awesome pool and awesome restaurants, beds, and location, I'm thinking Dolphin (or Swan!) is going to fit the bill!