Early stages of planning our next WDW vacation.. this time, with a child!!

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Early stages of planning our next WDW vacation.. this time, with a child!!

Hi Everyone Smile

DH and I took our first WDW trip together last May, and it was incredible!! We had such a wonderful time mickey I think it was only a matter of weeks when we began discussing when we were going to take our NEXT WDW trip! Originally, the plan was to go Spring of 2013 -- two years after our last trip!

However, we've been quite busy this past year!! We came back from Disney the end of May, got engaged the middle of July, and got married the middle of October muchlove Now, we're excitedly expecting a little boy this July! We are so thrilled to be having a baby -- and, we can not wait to share with him the amazing magic Disney has to offer!!

Instead of going spring of 2013, DH and I are thinking now of going in October of 2013 -- will be an "anniversary" trip for ourselves, and little boy will be ~15 months old.. I was hoping to get some feedback about those who have traveled with young children? Anyone go with a young toddler? What was your experience like? Did you find it to be more stressful than enjoyable? I've heard several people say that <1year is a great time to go or >3years.. but, I'm curious what YOU guys think!!

Regardless, DH and I talk about our next Disney tirp almost as much as we discuss our excitement for LO to get here!! I've already started stocking up getting him lots of Disney apparel, and his nursery theme is a Nemo inspired "under the sea" theme =)

I can't wait to see how much more magical Disney is when we're sharing it with our Son clapping

Hopefully this next year and a half will fly by Wink I'm sure we'll be quite busy!!

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we took our son at 8 months and 18 months and it was fine. the rides he can't go on they have an adult ride swap which is cool, and i was surprised at how many rides he could go on. you will still have a great time in disney, and having the stroller is actually great for carrying stuff underneath that you buy or extras you want to bring and not carry around,sweatshirt, diapers, wipes, etc.


"You're dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway."
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welcome to WDW For Grown Ups Missbea3 and congrats. on expecting. Our kids are all grown up now, so I can't help you much with your question, but we have more then enough people around here with younger children I think that can give you answers on what your looking for. Once again, welcome.

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Welcome to the best Disney board around. We took our son the first time when he was 14 months old and then again when he was 7 and every year since then. We took our daughter when she was 7 months, 19 months, 31 months, and so on and so forth cause we go every year. It was fun and i'm sure she doesn't remember the trip when she was 7 months old but each year she has gotten more out of it and I think she recalls the most from the trip when she was 31 months. I think if you plan on taking him when he is older to then it's great....but if it's the only trip he's ever going to get i think you should wait till he's older.


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Thanks everyone for your responses, and the warm welcome! We plan to go every other year, this will just be baby's first trip! I just wanted to see what others' opinions were on taking a young toddler! I realize, he'll be too small to "understand" what's going on, but like PP mentioned, hopefully each time we take him, he'll experience more and more of the Disney magic DH and I have grown to love so much!!

Mostly -- i'm just excited to have a date in mind of when our next Disney vacation will be!! My sister and nephews are in Disney right now -- I'm very jealous Smile

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How exciting! Congratulations on everything!

We first brought our son when he was 2 years old, a little older than your son will be! He had such a fun time! We had a few meltdowns - one where we had to skip Chef Mickey's - but other than that it really was magical experiencing it through his eyes. He can go on almost every ride and like senseicj said, you can participate in the "Baby Swap" so you can both ride the adult rides without waiting in line double time.

We tried to stick to some sort of a schedule, going back to the resort for nap time and all of us laying down or just having some down time at the pool because the parks can be overwhelming!

You can bring in your own food, so pack a small cooler of snacks and milk/juice!

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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I am also toting a toddler to the World mickey this Spring! This time with my 22 month grandson.
I have been asking the same questions as you. I do remember bringing another grandson when he was 3 and I can still remember the look on his face during parades. He so enjoyed many of the rides. So, if you want to see the magic of WDW, bring a child; as long as you have the expectations of a child-wake early, eat, play, sleep, and repeat. awesome