Eating to Beat Jet Lag

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Eating to Beat Jet Lag

Jet Lag can seriously cut into the fun of a vacation, and as we get older it tends to hit a little harder. I have no idea if this works, but I thought it was a fun info graphic and wanted to share it. It's part of a series of Heathrow's Olympics Healthy Eating Advice but I think it could apply to any travel. Smile

Do you adjust your diet before travel? LoL... I think the only adjusting I do is overeating once I get to Disney!

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When I traveled to Europe I didn't change my diet. I didn't sleep much on the flights over. Once the plane landed, I went non stop. I adjusted pretty well.

Now, coming home was a different story. It took me about week both times to get over the jet lag.

One night after my first trip I was eating ice cream; the next thing you know I was out and still holding the bowl. My room was amazed the bowl didn't fall out of my hand.


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Going west to east is easy; coast to coast we just nap a tiny bit then have as normal a day as arrival permits, and go to bed at a normal time. We are usually quite tired from the long flying day so this is easy.
If it is international - to Europe - it is much the same. Sleep some on the flight, then stay awake at your destination, eat a light dinner, to bed at a regular time. This is harder to do, but if you let yourself give in, you won't get on local time quickly enough and who wants to sleep away a day in Paris? muchlove

The jet lag is worse east to west. Lots of water, lots of daylight, some easy exercise, light eating, watch the caffiene. You have to FIGHT the urge to wake at 3:00AM, even if there is laundry to do!! I actually did better if I stayed awake for a large part of the return flight, especially being awake for several hours prior to landing, with some getting up and standing/walking. I fly in and out of Seattle, so coast to coast is 6 hours (non-stop) and to Europe is 10 - 11 hours; jet-lag and I are old friends!

Like JoannC said, it can take a while to get back on time when you get home, but you can speed it up.


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I'm always snacking during the flight, grabbing a power nap here and there. The main thing is drinking water non stop and staying awake as late as possible once we get there! If we do that then the jet lag is practically non existent! I've never even considered changing my pre-trip diet!


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I have had the absolute worst jet lag coming home from the east. I found this stuff over 10 years ago called "No Jet-Lag". It is homeopathic and has no side effects, and is inexpensive. I first found it at Trader Joe's, last year I bought it at

It works! Whether it's the placebo effect or the ingredients really do something...well, who cares. I am back to local time within a day instead of 5 days.

Has anyone else tried this?

(I hope this doesn't sound like a commercial or spam)