Eco-warriors and french fries?

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Eco-warriors and french fries?

Just saw this and it made me laugh: Disney Aims to Go Green

Apparently Disney has already begun to use recycled cooking oil to power it's trains in Disney World, but...

"Disneyland rides also use biodiesel instead of gasoline, though customers have inexplicably complained about the âfrench-fry smellâ emitted by the biodiesel when burned."

Sounds to me like just another way for Disney to make use of that 4D "smell-vertising" like it uses at the bakery on main street! laugh Ride a few rides, and then mysteriously head over to grab some fries at Pecos Bills!!

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I shudder to think how fat I'd get with a car that made potato smells.

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My car smells like french fries already! silly