Epcot's Le Cellier restaurant debuts new chef, menu

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So it seems like at the end of last year it was pretty down, and back in May it was very good.

This is just a thought... and im probably wrong because the Candlelight Processional should be pretty packed... but maybe the quality is due to the timing? October through mid December is kinda a down time compared to the other months.... May is usually hopping? Dont know if that has an correlation...? Doubt it... but a thought.


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I vote yes for LeCellier...Le Cellier is one of my mandatory ressies every year...I would say I have eaten there 6 times in the last 4 years, and it is one of my favs...I would say it is my fav...
1 time out of the 6 visits I was dissapointed with the quality of the steak...but I'll give the chef 1 pass... we did have the last ressie of the night and I may have just a scrub steak...the other 5 times it has been outstanding...
I always have the NY Strip....that's just what I prefer as far as steaks go...
To compare I liked the steak at LeCellier better than the Ribeye at Rose and Crown.. but I am a NY Strip kinda guy...
I have been to Yachtsman 1 time a few years ago and got the KC Strip..and it was good, but I always felt it ws overrated..
Maybe I just like the environment better at LeCellier....Yachtsman was a little too formal for me....
LeCellier's environment has always been very relaxed and festive, which I prefer....
But I do agree about the waiting even with a ressie.. it can be frustrating sometimes, but I think it is due to the fact that the dining room there is the smallest at WDW and they tend to get behind the schedule...just a guess...but it's worth it for me....

just think poutine...poutine...poutine awesome
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I lived in Chatham, Ontario, Canada for 4 yrs and quickly grew to LOVE poutine. We may just stick with the ADR at the Yachtman but visit Le Cellier for lunch. Now if only Epcot had a Tim Horton's muchlove laugh


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I have an ADR there for this fall. I keep on debating whether I should cancel or not. I'm really not thrilled with the "signature" menu, and that's odd for me, because all the other signature restaurants I love. But I have the deluxe dining plan this trip, so I made the ADR since I don't think I'd ever make a point of eating there if I have to pay OOP. I really liked Le Cellier the last time I ate there, but that was years ago, and that was for lunch.

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Breaufam wrote:
Does anyone have a more recent review of Le Cellier? I am pretty sure I read somewhere on this forum recently that it had been a little "off" so I made an ADR at Yachtsman for steaks. This is our belated honeymoon trip and we have this last full night @ WDW slated for a romantic evening. muchlove
Thanks in advance mickey

Yachtsman will be more adult/romantic. Flying Fish has a better steak(NY Strip).