Epcot's Segway Tour No More?

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Epcot's Segway Tour No More?

Did y'all see this post that Melinda did here? I know that we have some fans of the tour. What are your thoughts about it closing?


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Me... I wanted to do this for a long time, but the cost was a huge reason why we hadn't... but wish they were closing it at the end of the year, because I probably would had done it knowing it was going buh-bye


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Is there more than one Segway tour at Epcot? I read this yesterday and it seems different than the Around the World tour listed on the Disney site.



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I'm with you JoAnn. I'm pretty sure there's more than one Segway tour left, but that doesn't sound like the one I think of as being in Epcot. I'm pretty bummed that any of them are closing, I think they sound super-fun.

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Yeah thats another one, not the one that goes around the World Showcase