Fantasmic to run 7 nights a week

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Fantasmic to run 7 nights a week

Fantasmic is now running 7 nights a week from July3rd till September 30th. We have never seen it before so I didn't realize it wasn't already running 7 nights a week. But thought that those of you that will be down there during this time would like to know.


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I didn't realize it didn't run all nights that I typed that I think I remember about this time last year they dropped it down to save some money..nevermind.

It's a great show..we don't do it every trip but probably every other trip. The water screens are so much's a must do at least once.


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Well crapsticks. Figures. I hope they keep it nightly when we are there in April/May now! I still enjoy seeing it at least once when we are there - though I have lost interest in the wave prior to the start of the show. I must be getting old.... wheelchair

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Yeah... I didnt realize it wasnt every day as well.... weird...


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IT'S ABOUT TIME! Sorry...had to get that out!


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This is one thing we've never seen, but always want to - it's just never worked out during our trips. It's definitely on the list for next time, we'll make it work.

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Fantasmic is only playing twice the week I am there. I got the Fantasmic Dinner package. I can't wait to see it.