Fast+ Plus Tips! Share them here!

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Fast+ Plus Tips! Share them here!

I'm collecting tips for the new FastPass+ system. Have you become a FastPass+ Power user? Leave me some great tips to make the most of this plussed system!

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Once you use a fastpass selection, you can then try to move up your times. So say you have a 9:10-10:10 fastpass for Speedway and you use it at 9:10, you can then try to move up your next fast pass. Lets say you have a fast pass for Under the Sea and for some reason it closes and you get an all day fastpass, try to re-book Under the Sea and use it for like Peter Pan instead.

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Once you are in line for your last (third) fast pass of the day, long onto MDE to see what other fast passes are available!


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I don't know if I'd call myself a power user--I rarely book more FP's after my first three, but we don't do "thrill" rides--no space mountain, no splash mountain, no Everest, no Dinosaur, no Rock-n-roller coaster, no ToT, no Mission Space, so that cuts out the need for a lot of FP's. To keep my day more free, we use the rope drop advantage for about 2 hours and then start stacking up our FP selections. Usually in the afternoon, we stroll around, people watch, or head back to the resort for a bit.

My top 3 picks in MK are 7DMT, Peter Pan's Flight, and a wild card. Sometimes Enchanted Tales w/ Belle, sometimes Barnstormer, sometimes Winnie the Pooh, and sometimes a second ride on one of our rope drop favorites or pick up a meet & greet. We do Jungle Cruise, BTMR, Pirates, and HM at rope drop with consistently short waits and often find that we can catch them again later in the evening without waiting all that long. The lines for IASW, Under the Sea, Tea Cups, and Dumbo all move fast enough for my taste, so I don't mind waiting. You can't FP Carousel and there's no point in burning one at Philharmagic.

At Epcot, we like to ride Soarin' twice, so that's our tier 1 and we single rider test track. I don't care about the frozen ride, so don't need to waste my tier 1 there. For tier 2, I like Journey into Imagination (just in case because every once in awhile it's randomly like 45 minutes) and Spaceship Earth even though I've got about a 50% chance of a panic attack in there.

At Studios, life is about Toy Story. We rope drop toy story (and usually try to be on and off fast enough to do it twice with a reasonable wait) and we FP it for later. Choice #2 is Star Tours and I usually don't even bother to make a 3rd FP. Sometimes I'll pick up a Little Mermaid show. I wish they had character FP's at HS. All bets will be off once SW Land opens.

At AK, we rope drop Kilimanjaro. We usually get a FP for FoLK, Primeval Whirl, and either Kali or back to Kilimanjaro later in the day. Not sure how Avatarland will factor in. We'll have to wait and see how wait times compare for the two new rides.


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