Favorite dining spots

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Favorite dining spots

My husband and I are looking through the massive amount of info on Disney restaurants, and are getting a little overwhelmed. What would be your recommendations for best quick service, best table, best buffet, best signature, and best character dining, what would you pick?



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Here are my choices based on places I've eaten.

quick service - Pesco's Bills (MK)
table - Liberty Tree Tavern (MK) and Via Napoli (Epcot)
buffet (non-character dining) - Hollywood & Vine (DHS)
signature - Hollywood Brown Derby (DHS)
character dining - Tusker House (DAK)


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My choices

quick service - the only 1 I have tried is ABC Commissary (HS). It was good for a quick meal. We would do it again.
Table Service - Kona Cafe (Poly) delicious
Buffet - Boma (AKL) so many good choices and some unique choices that are also good.
Signature Artist Point (WL) Great choices Familiar Foods Delicious
Character Dining Chef Mickey's (CR) Go for breakfast! Standard breakfast food and you get Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Pluto. Great way to start your day before going to the Magic Kingdom.


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I think you are going to get many different answers again here.

Counter service either Peco Bills or Columbia House
Table service Kona Cafe or Turf Club
Buffet Cape May Cafe dinner, Boma for breakfast
Signature California Grill
Character meal Cape May for breakfast

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I liked columbia House, did not like the commissary!


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best quick service - Electric Umbrella (EP), they have the most delicious Amgus Chuck Cheeseburger!
best table - The Plaza (MK) wins every time! Be sure to try the Steakwich and TRY to leave room for dessert! The brownie and banna spilt are all kinds of awesome!
best buffet - Boma (AKL) any time of day. Wednesday night is rib night too Smile
best signature - Hoop De Doo Review (FW) is a brilliant night out! Hillarious show, buckets of ribs and chicken and the chance to explore the beautiful camp grounds!
best character dining - 1900 Park Fare (GF) of an evening gets you Cinderella & Prince Charming without the Royal Table price tag!


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Here are my picks:

quick service - Tangerine Cafe Morrocco in Epcot
table - Kona Cafe - Polynesian Resort
buffet (non-character dining) - I've actually never done a buffet
signature - California Grill - Contemporary Resort
character dining - Tusker House - Animal Kingdom


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Quick service - Columbia Harbor House(MK), Tangierine Cafe(Epcot WS)
Table Service - Liberty Tree Tavern Lunch(MK), Tokyo Dining(Epcot WS)
Buffet - Boma Dinner(AKL)
Disney Signatures - Citricos(GF), Flying Fish(BWV)

Favorite Signatures - Bluezoo(Dolphin), Il Mulino(Swan)........never been to V&A or Shula's

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Quick service - Fish 'n Chips(UK in Epcot), Sunshine Seasons(Future World in Epcot), or anywhere that has those chicken nuggets!
Table - Boatwrights (Port Orleans Riverside)
Buffet (non-character dining) - Beirgarten (Germany in Epcot)
Signature - California Grill (Contemporary Resort)
Character dining - Supercalafragalistic Breakfast (Grand Floridian) ...its the only one I've done.

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Thanks guys! Helps so much to narrow down the choices. Much appreciated!


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Here are mine based on parks:

Magic Kingdom:
Quick: Columbia Harbour House
Table: Dont have one

Quick: Sunshine Seasons (Highly Recommend)
Quick: Lotus Blossom Cafe (China)
Dinner: Teppan Edo (Highly Recommend)

Hollywood Studios:
Quick: Toy Story Pizza Planet Arcade
Dinner: Mama Melrose's

Animal Kingdom:
Quick: Flame Tree Barbecue (HIGHLY RECOMMEND! If you go here... to the left of the place, is a walkway.... follow it down to the lake. There is plenty of seating, and you have a great view of everything!)
Dinner: Rainforest Cafe


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quick service - sunshine season's at Epcot or Comic Ray's Starlight Cafe at Magic Kingdom
table - Teppan Edo at Epcot, Ohana at the Poly, Wilderness Canyon Cafe at Wilderness Lodge
buffet- Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge
signature - We've never ate at signature dining
character dining - We've never done character dining


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I'll take Mase's tack on this one since I have so many favorites:

Magic Kingdom:
Quick: Columbia Harbour House for atmosphere; Cosmic Ray's or Casey's Corner for food
Table: Liberty Tree Tavern and the Plaza

Quick: Sunshine Seasons (Highly Recommend)
Quick: Boulangerie Patisserie (France)
Dinner: Le Cellier Steakhouse, Via Napoli

Hollywood Studios:
Quick: Fairfax Fare
Dinner: Hollywood Brown Derby, 50s Prime Time Cafe

Animal Kingdom:
Quick: Flame Tree Barbecue, Yak and Yeti Counter Service (Anandapur Local Food Cafes)
Dinner: Yak and Yeti, Tusker House

Quick: Captain Cook's at the Polynesian
Table: Flying Fish Cafe, Jiko, Yachtsman Steakhouse, Victoria and Albert's, The Wave, California Grill (I'm clearly not being helpful here...I can't narrow it down)

Downtown Disney:
Quick: Earl of Sandwich, Wolfgang Puck express
Table: Paradiso 37, Portobello

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Quick service
Flame tree BBQ AK, Sunshine Seasons EP, Casey's Corner MK, and tie Commisary love the curry or Rosie's for burgers DHS.

Kona, Sanaa, 50's prime and Kouzzina

Crystal Palace, Biergarten, Garden Grill, Boma or Tuskerhouse

I haven't eaten at any signature restaurants...well Cinderella's table but that's not really signature to me.

Dee mickey


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leslie1106 wrote:
What would be your recommendations for best quick service, best table, best buffet, best signature, and best character dining, what would you pick?

Here are my Favorites!

Quick Service: Pecos Bill (MK), Sunshine Seasons (Epcot), Flame Tree BBQ (AK), Earl of Sandwich (DTD) Character Breakfast (Buffet): Cape May Cafe (Beach Club) Buffet:Boma (Animal Kingdom Lodge) Signature: California Grill (Contemporary Resort), Yachtmans Steakhouse (Beach Club) Table Service: Kona Cafe' for Breakfast (Polynesian Resort), Whispering canyon Cafe (Wilderness Lodge)

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IMO Sunshine Seasons at Epcot is absolutely the best counter-service. Best buffet is Boma at AKL; best table service is Restaurant Marrakesh at Epcot (I know you won't see that choice very often). We've never done signature dining or character dining.

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Quick Service - Wolfgang Puck Express
Table Service - Kouzzina
Buffet - Boma
Signature - Flying Fish
Character Dining - Tusker House

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best quick service:
There are a lot of great quick service out there. It's hard to put a "best" label on one. I can say this for sure... I never miss an opportunity to have Tangierine Cafe. At least twice a visit. I love that lamb.

best table:
Since there's a "signature" category coming up, I'll pick a non-signature restaurant for this category. In my opinion, the best non-signature restaurant at WDW is Sanaa. Honorable mention to Coral Reef, Grand Floridian Cafe, and Marrakesh.

best buffet:
Tusker House, didn't even have to think about it.

best signature:
This one took some thought. I'm gonna go with Flying Fish Cafe. I love basically all the signature restaurants but my experiences at The Fish have the fondest memories and as a chef, I have the utmost respect for Chef Tim and his staff.

best character dining:
Got to go with Tusker House again. Good character interaction and the best food of all the character meals by far.


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