Favorite Florist at WDW Resort

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Favorite Florist at WDW Resort

Does anyone have a favorite florist in Orlando. Is it better to use disney or are there great ones off site that will deliver.


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I use Disney floral all the time. They are also the only ones allowed to deliver in room also. I think any others have to leave everything at the front desk. Disney floral can also do pretty much anything! Had nothing but great experiences with them.

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I'm also a fan of Disney Floral & Gifts - they have a super professional team, really high quality product, and if something unexpectedly goes wrong they will work with you to make it right.


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Disney Floral is definitely the best. I actually work for one of the largest florist in the Chicagoland area and have contact with many florists across the country. Disney Floral's customer service is definitely above and beyond a regular florist. Plus delivery right in the room is very, very special.