Favorite MCO rental car company?

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Favorite MCO rental car company?

We've rented from several different companies, but I was just wondering if anyone has a favorite as far as perks and rewards systems, etc.

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We usually went with Hertz when we flew to MCO. We had good experiences with both, from pricing to reliability to shuttle to return. So we kept with it. We don't have any rewards arrangements with any of them, though.

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We have always gone with Alamo as our choice. Rates are decent, good choice of cars, easy check in and out, pick whichever car you want, and most importantly they are located very close by ON property directly across the street from the terminal in the parking garage.


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I used to use Avis because I used them all the time for work and they were one of the few that had the thing where they'd just give you the car if you had a reservation instead of checking in. Now that everyone (or at least many others) do that too, we use National because they tend to be the cheapest for us.

I think we've used Alamo as well and had no complaints.

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We've been doing National. We've been pretty happy with the prices. The times when they were overly expensive, everyone else was too. Plus we can always get our Dodge Charger which has become a bit of a tradition now. silly

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It seems like they always copy each others' prices to me.