Fire at Disney area hotel

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Fire at Disney area hotel

I just saw this on the news. The fire started at a hotel near Animal Kingdom last night.

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Yes, it's been burning all day. It was mammoth. It's on that strip of 192 that you can access if you exit property near Animal Kingdom via Sherberth. They had 192 closed this morning. I felt so bad for all of the visitors who couldn't get around easily and their vacations were impacted. No casualties to the 150 people who were evacuated, thank goodness. It was still burning as of 3:30 pm.


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That you said for those staying there and those who's vacation's it affected. As much as it sucks for everyone and as bad as I feel for everyone this ladies comments kill me

"And I have no home -- all my clothes, all my money, all my cigarettes. That's my life right there burning up in flames," said Mary Lords, who was staying at the motel.

Good to see where her priorities are....LOL


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Wow... that is really sad..


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