First Bit of Lion King 3D Debuts with Cars 2 3D

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First Bit of Lion King 3D Debuts with Cars 2 3D

I thought this was pretty cool - audiences for Cars 2 3D will get a sneak peek of Lion King 3D, to be released later this year. I'd love to Lion King 3D in the theatre, but I won't get the 3D disc. Thoughts?


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For me... the movie would have to be worth it to give me a headache at the end after watching 2 hours of 3D... lol

I MAY go see The Lion King in 3D just because its one of those movies to get the treatment. I wont see Cars 2 in 3D just to see the sneak peak though. We saw Toy Story 3 in 3D and I wasnt impressed. It didnt offer anything different that the regular version... especially on a great tv and in 1080p. BUT... the short that was attatched to Toy Story 3 was AMAZING in 3D... but I digress...

Yes for Lion King in 3D when it gets released... lol


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