Follow the Signs? Maybe Not!

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Follow the Signs? Maybe Not!

Maybe it's just me, but I am ALWAYS lost when I drive at WDW. I realize that if you follow the signs you will probably get where you're going - random luck maybe? Why can't there be a map that would be useful for getting from here to there? Maybe there is one and I haven't found it. Meanwhile, my Garmin is my best friend even if the guy inside can't say Lake Buena Vista!

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I ALWAYS take wrong turns, but I always end up where I need to be. It's a big ol' circle with a couple of main streets; I figure if I get on one of those main streets I'm good to go. Wink


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I think my last trip was the first one where I really started to feel like I kind of "knew my way around." It's not necessarily complicated, but the streets are not on a grid and twist and turn a lot so it's hard to get your bearings. It's not that hard to get where you're going usually, but it's hard to visualize what you just did to get there...

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I like to have a good map in my head of WDW before starting out. That way, if I see visual cues, I have a good idea of where I (might) be!




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