Forget the Christmas Creep - What About "Tour Group Creep?"

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Forget the Christmas Creep - What About "Tour Group Creep?"

Muetti and I went to Epcot on the Satuday before Columbus Day, for the International Food and Wine Festival. After stuffing our faces all over World Showcase while waiting on our Fastpass time for Soarin', Muetti's favorite WDW ride, we went to Epcot Character Spot for pics to pass away more time. (We had, like and hour to kill 'till we get on Muetti's ride.) There was something rather off that day, as a group in yellow was chatting outside the edifice while we quued for Mickey. A few minutes through the wait, the girls from that same yellow-shirted group queued up too, and I eyed the names on the shirts. After our day, I searched online (I had a now-obsolete PC at that time, and I have a new PC over last week) and found out that it was a Brazilian tour group. Brazilian tour group - I thought they come out in winter and summer! confused On columbus Day proper, after some half-day at Disney's Hollywood Studios, we park-hopped (we have Seasonal Passes) to Epcot to eat more samples and I saw a tour group (possibly another of the Brazilian set!) in front of World Showcase as I ate. Isn't it so weird to see tour groups out this time of year.

Since obtaining the PC from Office Depot, I wrote my article on Hubpages on the dark horses (or teams of them, in this case) that annually pervade Walt Disney World, and we're already familiar with Brazilian tour groups. I decided to not only write about them, but I decided to include those of Argentina as well. If you hate them, a little or with a fecund passion, then read my article and tell me what you think.


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Thanks talfonso -- will check out the article. The tour groups, along with cheerleaders and sports teams, are definitely clogging the parks. I'm just glad they can't move as fast as I can because their group is too big!


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