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So sorry this took so long! I'm actually writing this on a break between classes..Life has been super busy since school started! Anyways here goes:

Trip to Orlando from Houston: My cousin and her husband had to work Tuesday (they have a Little Debbie route they operate) and ended up not finishing till super late, so we didn't pull out of Houston until 9:00 PM. They were 3 adults (my cousin, her husband and I) and their 6 kids ( 2-age 6 (twins), 8, 11, 12, 13) piled in a rented 12 seat van! We were going to stay the night somewhere, but really just wanted the drive to end so we ended up driving straight through ( with a little mini-stop at Pensacola beach) and arrived at our hotel in Orlando about 7 PM on Wednesday (with 6 kids, you stop A TON!!), ordered pizza at the hotel, and called it a night.

Hotel: Hilton Grand Vacation Suites on I-Drive. It wasn't far from the parks at all (in fact, it's right next to the college program apartments), and was EXTREMELY NICE! We had a great experience and my cousins loved it so much that they now have timeshares with Hilton! Beautiful hotel, and I didn't get any pictures of it, so sorry! Sad

Day one: I took the 3 older kids and the 3 youngest went with their parents to make it easier. The bigger kids wanted extreme rides, while the littler kids wanted autographs. We traveled to Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom the first day. We rode Mt. Everest and Dinosaur of course. They LOVED Dinosaur, but hated Everest (because of the roughness they said). We got a snack between rides (Mickey Ice Cream Bars of course!). We had lunch at the contemporary quick service, which was very good! They all had chicken nuggets, while I had a salad, which was delicious! We then went to Magic Kingdom and rode Space Mountain (which was a favorite and was all they could talk about), people mover(also loved), Thunder Mountain Railroad (loved it, but hated Everest?..i don't get it), Jungle Cruise, PhilHar Magic (which is my all-time favorite), Laugh Floor, Pirates, and Haunted Mansion (also a favorite of theirs). We watched ELP, which was ok to me (but I'm very partial to Spectro, LOVE IT!), then the Holiday Wishes, which were spectacular! I loved the fireworks that blossomed into presents, and festive things!

Day Two (Christmas Eve): My cousin and her husband had a meeting about the timeshare this day, so I played babysitter and watched the kids till they were out of their meeting (about 2ish) and then we all went to Downtown Disney! My cousin needed to buy stocking stuffers for Christmas Morning, so I again played babysitter and took the kids to watch a performance that was in front of World of Disney on that stage. It was a DJ and he was very good! I can't remember his name though...Anyways, after shopping was done, we ate at T-Rex, which was A-MAZING! I had the pot roast which was so good!!!!!!! Definitely an experience to try once (maybe more!).

Day Three: My girls and I (the 3 oldest are girls) went to Epcot and Hollywood Studios, while the youngest and their parents went to Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom. At Epcot, we of course rode Soarin (which was another favorite for the girls), and Test Track (which they liked, but didn't think it was worth the wait). After those rides, we headed to DHS and ate lunch at 50's Primetime Cafe. We had to wait for an hour and the girls were getting antsy, but I promised it was worth the wait. They loved it! From not being able to put their elbows on the table to the waitress taking away their cell phones, we had a blast! Food was ok (it's never been that great to me), but we had a good time! Tower was next, and they ended up hating it because we were so full from lunch and it made their stomachs feel a little sick. They also didn't like the drop though! Then we headed to Rock N' Rollercoaster! I had to talk all of them into riding this ride, telling them they would love it, and ultimately having to make them go on this ride! They had never been on an upside-down rollercoaster before and was TERRIFIED of it! They were shaking and trying to back out, but I wouldn't let them because I knew they would LOVE it, and they did!!!!! It ended up being all 3's favorite ride and they wanted to go again! We then met their parents at the Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights and watched that show for about an hour! I was literally amazed! It was so beautiful!

Crowds: Both days in the parks were spent elbowing and trying to maneuver through crowds without losing anybody (MK was packed to point of phase 3 on Christmas Day) and lines were hours long, but it was so very worth it!

Very good trip and I can't wait to go again! Hope yall enjoy the pictures Smile

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Terrific trip report! Pics are great, too. Sounds like you packed a lot into your time! Did you eat Christmas Dinner anyplace special?


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Great trip report! I love all the pictures...Christmas in Disney world is so wonderful!


mickey Bella

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"PhilHar Magic (which is my all-time favorite)"

Me too biggrin

Great trip report, thanks!




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Great report! The pictures make me long for Disney again! *sigh*

I would nominate you for sainthood for surviving 6 kids in a van for 22 hours laugh


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I love your picture of the Osborne Family Lights! Loved Dinosaur but hated Everest? They're at odds with Jason&Caitie (And Many others I'd say). Plus Dinosaur is way rougher than EE in my experience. To each their own I suppose! silly

Where is the picture of the tall elves(?) from?

Given the crowds would you do it again?

Thanks for the report! It's great!

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Lizzy- No regrettably we didn't. We were so exhausted and had to get up so early that by the time we were through in the parks, we just wanted to sleep! I believe Christmas Night, we ate spaghetti Smile haha

JeffC- IT WAS NOT EASY!!!! I was so very very annoyed by the end of the drive, that I was glad to be getting away in the next couple days to Chicago!

dsoup- I couldn't believe they hated Everest, but loved Thunder Mountain Railroad? Thunder Mountain is so so very rough and gives me a headache, but I LOVE Everest! The tall elves were at Downtown Disney, right in front of meeting Santa, We had just missed the cutoff point for meeting Santa, so the kids settled for the elves! and YES! The crowds were horrible (Space Mountain was always a 2 and half hour wait!), but the kids LOVED IT and I loved being their tour guide Smile

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Great trip report! What is "phase 3" crowding, or do I really want to know?


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Great report and pictures! Were the tall elves supposed to look tall, or is it just the picture?

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I can't believe the kids liked Dino over Everest! I think Dino is much rougher. Everest is smooth, just very fast. The girl in the middle of the Dino picture looks like she's about to blow her lunch! Sounds like you had a great time thought.

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LeCellierBuff1963- Phase 3 is they only let season pass holders and DVC members in, I believe. Maybe thats Phase 4? Either way, on Christmas day nobody got in until a certain number of people exited!

Cdub- They were on stilts, so they were very tall!

mrhub- We definitely did!!! and yes, it kinda made Daisie (the one in the middle your referring to) a little nausea, but she still enjoyed it! I never noticed it till you said that haha

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Oh, awesome report!! Kids, crowds, dinosaurs, and giant elves! What better way to spend the holiday? laugh

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Great Trip Report! I wonder what the idea is behind tall elves?

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Brad wrote:
Great Trip Report! I wonder what the idea is behind tall elves?

Easier to spot in a crowd I guess laugh