Gluten-Free Dining at Disney

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Gluten-Free Dining at Disney

Hi All! First off, let me tell you that I am new to the WDWfG website and I love it! You all are full of great information, tips and suggestions - a wealth of Disney knowledge that 'newbies' like myself can really use. Thank you!

We are two adults (husband and myself), no kids. I have a severe gluten/wheat allergy (100% off limits) and a dairy intolerance (I can process very small amounts if in a recipe, but try to avoid as much as possible). This will be our 2nd trip ever to Disney. Our 1st was last year, and I was already gluten-free at that time, so I already have some great experience dining with food allergies at Disney. But I know that menus and circumstances change periodically, so I looking for the most recent info I can find. Wondering if anyone has any updated (2013) Disney gluten-free (and possibly dairy-free) restaurant reviews, menus or suggestions? We are open to all types of dining - counter, table, signature - even character dining and special dining events are fine with us. Cost is not an issue. We will be visiting all the parks and will have access to a car, so we are open to going anywhere on Disney property.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hi Jackiebelle & welcome. Did you see this site

It may help you some. Also do a search in the search box next to the "staff" button for gluten free. We have discussed this topic many time around here. Also when you make ADR's always tell them you have the gluten allergy so they have it on file for the restaurant. They can pretty much always accommodate you with something delicious.

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stars Welcome Jackiebelle! stars
I echo Mr Hub Smile

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Hi Jackiebelle and welcome! We have a lot in common: I'm also traveling to the world with just my (soon-to-be!) husband, no kids, and I'm gluten-intolerant as well! A blog that really helps me is this one, Gluten Free and Dairy Free WDW, which I think will really help you too:

She posts frequent, updated dining reviews and tips, and is both gluten and dairy free like yourself! : yay


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Allergy free mouse is a great informative web site as well. Lots of people post reviews of restaurants at Disney.

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Welcome! I'm GF too Celiac Disease Laughing out loud, been GF for 9 years. We always have rockin GF trips at Disney. They've been so great to me I'm having my GF wedding at Disney!

Favorite places to eat:

Coral Reef
Cinderella's Royal Table

We are hoping to try Be Our Guest when we go for our wedding planning session in October!

Most of the resorts have product now, and you can have your reservations marked with your allergies.



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