Going to Disneyland Help!!!

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Going to Disneyland Help!!!

Hey everyone,

I'm going to Disneyland on March 31 to April 2. It's a fast little weekend trip.
I was wondering what is new at Disneyland and California Adventure.
I was there in May of 2011 so i know a lot has changed such as cars land is now there they were building it when i was there last. My fiance hasn't been there in yrs so a lot will be new to him.

Please help me catch up.
What places are good to eat. New things. ETC.

Thank You. mickey

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I think there are a few people that have been there lately from the forum that might be able to help somewhat if they pop on. We don't usually have that much info on Disneyland on here though. I think a few people that joined recently are from the Disneyland area also.

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Radiator Springs Racers is awesome!! Definately ride it. Get there at opening. Almost everyone will head in that direction - half go straight to the ride and the other half got fast passes. I went straight to the ride and didn't wait long. Then I rode it a second time using the single rider line (it wasn't open when I got there or I would have gone there first).


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Cars Land is new, as is the Carthay Circle area, and the Frozen Live at the Hyperion Theater

Plus - you'll be there during their Food & Wine Festival muchlove