Great Deal!

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Great Deal!

Hey everyone! Please forgive me if it sounds like I am trying to drum up business in this forum but if I didn't tell you about this deal I would feel bad because you would be missing out on a good opportunity to save money.

Disney has just released the latest deal for 2009. Basically it boils down to booking four nights and getting three more free! You also get free ticket offers with this. You can get 3 more days of tickets at no charge as well with this deal. And if you travel during a certain period, you get a $200 Disney gift certificate to spend while you are at the parks.

I have all the details on my blog if you would like to see them. Again, please forgive me for the self-promotion. You can get this offer through any Authorized Disney Vacation Planner so use this information as you wish. Have a Magical day!!


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Are there any places that you can't spend the gift certificate?