Happy to be here... great info so far!

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Happy to be here... great info so far!

Hello all!

I live in Jacksonville FL... not too far really from the Mouse. I do have family in Deltona however so I'm down in the Orlando area quite often as well.

I've always enjoyed Disney but never really made a habit out of it. However, I have an uncle who the family considers obsessed. He's been over 80 times at least. He's always taking his granddaughters and often goes for concerts or special events.

Anyway, he's convinced me to get a FL Resident Annual Pass so now I have no excuse NOT to go more often.

I recently spent a day at Animal Kingdom (because I'd never been to that park) with my mom, my cousin and her little girl. We had a really nice day except for a drenching rain right at the end of the day. Then mom and I ended the night at Magic Kingdom for the fireworks and a few rides. Oddly enough, my park crazy uncle did not go with us on this trip... well perhaps not too oddly, AK is his least favorite park.

I came across this board while killing time on the internet and contemplating a solo trip for myself. I enjoy visiting with family and friends but I admit the idea of a few days of "me" time is very intriguing. I am a photography nut (completely amateur... just "pro" enough to be dangerous to my bank account) and it would be nice to dillydally around and take park pics without people hurrying me along to the next attraction. Plus, the solo enthusiasts on this board make it sound like a little slice of heaven as well.

So, that's it. Not planning anything definite at the moment. I'm just hoping I might find a few open days in my schedule before school officially starts up again (I'm an Asst. Principal at an elementary school). Not to panic too many of you out there but I'm they type of person who would decide at a moment's notice to just throw a bag in the car and head out. All the detail oriented planners out there just cringed I know but what can I say... I'm not adverse to doing a little more thoughtful trip planning but when the opportunity presents itself, I'll go whether I've planned it or not. biggrin

Two Christmases ago, I went on an unexpected sailboat trip to Key West for New Years with my dad and family a friend. We were already out of town in Deltona for the family holiday thing. Dad and I decided on Christmas Day that we would go on the trip. The day after Christmas I went to the local Wal-Mart and bought a duffel bag and a few extra items of appropriate clothing and off we went. awesome First to Labelle where the boat was being kept then down the Caloosahatchee to Fort Meyers and then the overnight sail to Key Weird. Other friends met us there New Year's Eve and we had a great time. I will say being the designated dinghy driver for a bunch of umm... well-partied individuals and getting everyone back to (and onboard) the moored sailboat around 4:30 that morning was an experience I won't soon forget. Friends drove us back to Labelle where my car was located. The boat owner left his boat on the mooring ball and went back a few weeks later to to bring it back for the return trip. I guess my point is that if I'd been worried about ADRs wink I wouldn't be able to say that I've seen the conch drop on New Year's. Of course, going a trip with a family is an entirely different sort of operation.

At any rate, I'm happy to be on the boards. I'm sure I'll soak up lots of great tips and information just be browsing the threads.

~ Hoodat Whatzit

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Welcome to one of the best Disney boards around Smile


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Hey Hoodat.. welcome to WDWFG, it's the best Disney forum on the web, friendly and great people.


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Hello and welcome! You will love it here.


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bighug welcome bighug


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Welcome! We're so glad you found us! We have a few Disney daytrippers, and non-super planners, so I think you'll find a nice mix here. I live in the Orlando area, and before our passes lapsed in February, daytrips with no ADRs was our MO. Smile

LOVE that "sailing to Key West" story! We've been to KW twice - once for a vacay, and once for a crazy weekend trip to see Kenny Chesney at Sloppy Joes - and we enjoy the area for all of its beauty and quirkiness.

So - what's your favorite Disney park?


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Welcome welcome!! This is a great place to be!


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I'll say my official welcome here. welcome yeah banana