Health and Wellness Suite Plans Canceled

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Health and Wellness Suite Plans Canceled

I honestly wasn't really on board with this plan, so it doesn't make me sad that they are not going forward with it.

Was anyone else planning on trying it out?

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It wasn't anything I was planning on using, but I'm always surprised when they let a service like that go. Always wonder what was going on behind the scenes.

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I couldn't afford it at present, but I thought it was a really neat concept, and one that we might use, since we're not necessarily "go go go" when we stay on property. Hopefully it will circle back around.


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My husband would have loved it for the sustainable interiors. I hoped to stay once, but I doubt it would have been more than that.

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I think the sustainablity aspect was cool, but i didn't see people jumping on the in room exercise equipment bandwagon. Maybe I'm wrong on that, but it just seems to me that a disney vacation is excercise, so why pay more to have it in your room? Plus I thought they were going to over charge for them regardless.


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