Help! I'm going to Disney for a weekend and it's my first visit

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Help! I'm going to Disney for a weekend and it's my first visit

Hey everyone,

I'm new to this website and to Disney! My friend and I have never been. We are 2 persons, male and female, early twenties, staying at Pop Century next weekend.

The plan is to go to Animal Kingdom and Downtown Disney on Saturday as Animal Kingdom closes at 7, and then spend all day at Magic Kingdom on Sunday, as we need to be home Monday morning, but they close at 1:00 a.m, so we can stay until then if we need to.

Should we purchase the refillable mugs, and where are the best places to eat at the parks which we will be at?

Do you pay for parking at each park? we are driving to the resort, so I was wondering if it would make sense to drive to the different parks instead of using the bus

Any suggestions or advice? I would appreciate it! I am a well organized planner, and I feel a little disoriented. I have already checked into Pop Century on-line, I requested a 70's room with a lake view (based on reviews) but I am thinking of changing it to 90's, as we both grew up in the 90's.

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Welcome! I love Pop Century. My favorite section is the 50's. The 70's is pretty cool.

I am a fan of the resort mug. I always get my money's worth with it while at Pop. As far as your question on whether you should get one or not. I will answer your question with a question. Will you use the mug after you leave Disney? If not, you should skip it since you won't be at the resort long enough to get a lot of use out of it. If yes, then I say go for it. I use mine every day at work. It reminds of the magic when I'm not at Disney.

I don't have a car when I'm there so I always take the bus. There are people here who have a car on site and prefer to drive to the parks. There are some who still take the bus so it's a matter of preference. I've never had a problem takng the bus. The longest I had to wait was about 45 minutes (but it was a fast 45 minutes) after MK closed. For the most part, the most I've waited was 20 minutes and those are times when I just missed the bus. Since you are staying on property, you don't have to pay for parking, just show your room card.

And finally - dining, one of our favorite subjects on this site.

Here are my suggestions. I've only been going to Disney for the past couple of years so I'm still relatively new myself and haven't eaten at a lot of different places. Some of the suggesions I'm giving are favorites of the members here.

If you are planning on eating at a table service restaurant, you should make an Advance Dining Reservation (ADR).

Table Service - Tusker House (character dining buffet) or Yak & Yeti
Counter Service - I haven't eaten at any of the counter service restaurants at AK. I'm sure others on the forum will provide you with suggestions on where they like to go.

Table Service - Liberty Tree Tavern or Crystal Palace (character dining buffet)
Counter Service - Pecos Bills. I haven't eaten at Columbia Harbour House but it is a favorite of the members.

Table Service - Planet Hollywood. I'm sure others will go you more suggestions. This is the only TS place I've eaten at besides Fulton's Crab House, where I got a burger since I can't eat seafood. Plus one of the members mentioned that the menu changed and it's not as good as it used to be.
Counter Service - Pollo Campero. Earl of Sandwich (another place I haven't tried but I would be barred from this site if I didn't mention it LOL).


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If you're only staying for the weekend, I don't recommend the refillable mugs. You can only use them at the resort anyway. If you're staying at Pop Century parking is free and we like to park instead of riding the bus. The big advantage is that if you're going to stay until close then there are TONS of people waiting for the busses, so if you have plans afterwards that could be a big minus.

I'd also recommend not trying to see everything you can...You won't succeed in 2 days anyway, so just take your time and relax! You'll have a great time!

Also welcome to the boards!

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Like the other said, I would skip the refillable mug since you won't be at the resort very long.

We always stay on-site, but drive so we take our cars to the parks. You'll be able to park free and you'll have the freedom to leave quicker instead of depending on Disney transportation.

For Dining....we have never eaten Table Service at Animal Kingdom and only have done Counter Service. We enjoy Flame Tree BBQ and Restaurantosaurus (basic burgers, sandwiches, etc.)

In the Magic Kingdom, we love Liberty Tree Tavern (Table Service) and Pecos Bills (Counter Service).

You're going to have a great time!

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Welcome to WDWFG Amina. Just don't try to do it all in one visit, as other's have said it is impossible to do it all.
In AK The Yak & Yeti is very good, both their sit down AND their take out site located around the side of the main restaurant entrance. Flame tree BBQ is also a great CS meal.
In MK my choice is also Liberty Tree Tavern for sit down dining, and Columbia Harbor House is a good CS alternative to burgers and fries.
Refillable mugs, as others have said, stay away from them, your trip is too short to make them profitable for you, they will only be profitable for Disney.
If you are not familiar with the roads around the property I would leave the driving to Disney (use the busses) till you learn your way around at least a little.
At DTD the must do CS place is Earl of Sandwich, inexpensive, filling, and delicious.
Most importantly make ADR's (as JoAnn C has said) otherwise the sit down places are WAY too busy to accept walk in customers except in very rare cases.


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Welcome Amina. If you try to make a walk up reservation, get to the restaurant as soon as they open and ask if they have any openings, do not go through concierge or guest services. The computer system does not update the dinning reservations real fast, so the restaurant may have an opening, but the other places may not show it. Directly at the restaurant is your best best for last minute seating if you try that.

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Thank u so much for the advice everyone! I will re-post and let u know how it went. I am so excited, as I have never been to Disney

I am also going to Universal Studios and Sea world during the week.

I wont bother with the Disney mugs, and I will most likely eat at the counter service, or try a Table service depends on how the days go Smile