Here's what to look for at the Rose Parade!!

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Here's what to look for at the Rose Parade!!

Well you all know about our upcoming trip which includes a trip to the Rose Parade on New Years Day. So here is the sign that wifey made to hold up IN CASE we are seated near the TV cameras, which pays tribute to our beloved forum, and our Corvette club and her place of employement. LOOK FOR IT ON NEW YEARS DAY. And for the not so hidden Mickey


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AWESOME!! I would not be above suggesting wifey create an "incident" to attract the cameras. laugh biggrin laugh

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I don't usually watch the Rose Parade but I will make a point of it this year so I can see the poster.

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Will keep an eye out for the sign! Have a great trip!


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I'll keep an eye for the poster


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Have fun!! I'll be watching for the sign too, and just an FYI for anyone planning to watch on TV as well:

HGTV celebrates the New Year with the only live, uninterrupted, high-definition telecast of the 124th Tournament of Roses Parade. This year's theme is "Oh, The Places You'll Go"! It's America's premier New Year's celebration and only HGTV viewers will see every float, equestrian unit and marching band.

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Whoo hoo! How cool!

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So awesome!! I was going to try and watch but it's now on my must do list. Really looking forward to seeing the nurses float in the parade this year.