How cute are these shirts

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How cute are these shirts


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I love the I'll be your Mickey and minnie ones!

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Im down with the Tweedledum one as long as Treedledee isnt bought... lol


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Reminds me of some shirts that me and mrs T wore to an Aerosmith concert years ago. Mine said "it takes a ******* like me to love a ***** like her". Hers said "it takes a ***** like me to love a ******* like him." We got quite a few stares and laughs from people.

(note: insert non WDWFG friendly expletive in place of *****)


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My daughter saw those shirts in February and loved them! Their cute but I'm not sure that I would ever buy them.

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Ha! I really want to get the Tweedledee and Tweedledum for my husband and his BFF.

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So they Mickey and Minnie shirts are perfect for couples who stay together for years but who refussed to to tie the knot laugh

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Would love to have the tweetle dee and tweetle dum shirts for me and my cousin!

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