How Do You Use Your DVC?

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How Do You Use Your DVC?

I've noticed on other message boards that many many people use their DVC points in a manner that they squeeze every tiny bit of monetary value out of them. They only travel in low season, only stay at resorts with lower point levels, rarely try another resort, and would never dream of using their points for a cruise or other adventure.

This isn't really how I use my DVC, and I wonder if it's how you use yours? Squeezing it until it bleeds just isn't my style and I tend to use my DVC more for it's luxury, ease, and peace of mind. I'll book in other Disney resorts, don't travel by cost of the season every time, used my points for the cruise, and pay premium points to get the better view or concierge service.

I don't really track if DVC is saving us money, because honestly we had stopped traveling for quite some time before we bought into DVC. I look at our purchase more as an increase to our quality of life. I love my DVC, even if I don't use it to save the most money possible.

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I don't track if it saves us money either, I know it doesn't, we go more often so we spend more. I use DVC because I love WDW and want to go when I want to go.
We don't have a particular style..In '10, for example, we spent a total of 4 weeks on property scattered throughout the year clapping Well, we knew because of that we wouldn't be able to do that again for a long time...So in '11 we did 9 days, 4 @ AKLV CL and 5 @ BWV.
Money is very tight now, as the economy hasn't been very good to us, fiance got laid off and making about 1/3 of what he used to make, so in '12 all we can do is a 4 night, no park trip...I rented out almost all the rest of the points out to friends.




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I've only got 150 points so I can't do alot of big unit stays with my points so yeah, I guess I kinda do squeeze all the value out of them that I can. I live in FL so it's easy for me to just go for a few days and I'm not going to be cooking in Disney anyway so studios work out fine most of the time.

I have splurged every now and then on a 2 bedroom when going with family or friends since it's usually such a short stay, but for my bigger unit stays I will either do an RCI exchange with another timeshare that I own that has cheaper maintenance fees or stay off property in one of the myriad of nice upscale timeshares around Kissimmee or LBV. Lately my favorite off property resorts have been Bonnet Creek and the Hilton Grand VAcation clubs.

This year I did rent out around 75 points to subsidize my maintenance fees, so I'm basically vacationing for free next year with my leftover points. Hoping to hit Alauni next year. crossfingers


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