How educational is EPCOT?

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How educational is EPCOT?

In this thread we were talking about people's perceptions of Disney World being just for kids and Jeff mentioned that people think EPCOT Is boring because it's all educational. I was about to respond that it wasn't educational at all, but I've since decided I don't agree with that. I think Spaceship Earth for example can really help people who aren't interested in such things get a real feel for the vastness and reach of the human endeavor. How would you guys rate the educational value of a visit to EPCOT?

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It used to be much more educational than it is. Yeah, U of Energy still is. Spaceship Earth maybe. But Test Track? Mission Space? Soarin? Not so much.

WS, though, I'd say probably is the most educational thing in all of Disney.


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I think there are some educational things in Epcot, but not very many in Innoventions!

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The last person I spoke with about this was planning her fist trip to Disney wit her kids and just had a terrible misconception about EPCOT. She had no idea about all the very cool stuff that's there.

I think that just goes back to people's ideas from when EPCOT originally opened and they don't bother to check into it more because they already have it in their minds it's "an educational thing".

I think there's a light to moderate educational experience but you have to look for it. Living with the Land can be somewhat educational, and Spaceship Earth tells a great story. And of course, WS for the cultural education - or at least exposure to different ways of life if you take in more than just the food options.

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It's actually pretty educational if you think about it. Innoventions is full of science experiments and each World Showcase country is full of tidbits about the culture and history of the country. It has gone the way of "thrill rides" but even Mission:Space is educational in its own right.


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It's definitely not the FOCUS as it used to be. The rides have become more "thrill" focused than when EPCOT Center first opened, but you can still derive a lot of education from the park. Every ride and attraction has something to teach.




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