How much time in each park?

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How much time in each park?

So the planning is coming along fairly well. Hubby and I have a few restaurants picked out, the hotel and airfare are booked, and then we realized, how do we spend our time at the parks?!?! We purchased park hoppers, so we have flexibility. We want to see all the parks but don't know how to divide our time. We'll have 5 full days plus from the time we arrive at 2p and until the time we leave at 5p (so roughly 6 days total).

Thanks for your input!


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well, go ahead and plan to spend at least one whole day in MK, Epcot, and HS. (even if its a broken up day, like when parkhopping) and about 1/2 a day in AK. But just remember, you can get to a park one morning and if its too busy and lines are outrageous, you can just hop on a bus (or drive) to another park!

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My recommendation is to check how busy the parks are supposed to be that week, and go to the ones with the least amount that day. You can either stay the whole day there, or park hop to another place in the afternoon/evening. I know we never stay at a park all day. Were always park hopping all the time. But usually we pick where we wanna go in the morning, and the ADR's usually choose for us where we go at night.


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My family usually likes to have 2 days for Epcot, 1 for AK, 1 for DHS and 1 for Magic Kingdom, with any extra time (like those 1/2 days) spent at Magic Kingdom.

Many people consider Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom both 1/2 day parks. My Mom always did them on the same day. I can spend a full day in both of them though without a problem.

I have friends that routinely hit 2-3 parks a day. I prefer to focus on one park per day. Having the park hoppers means that if you get bored where you are, you can just go to a park you think that you'll like better.

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if this is your first time i would plan on a full day in every park and two in epcot just to see everything. now since i have been there many times we do 1/2 days at ak and hs and just see exactly what we want, and then the rest of the week is dedicated to mk, epcot, dtd, boardwalk and resort hopping by the way if you do 1/2 day at ak and hs it is easier on the day when hs has emh at night.


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