I wish more meetings at Work were like this...

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I wish more meetings at Work were like this...

This plan is genius...


That's Mr. Evil Dr. Porkchop To You!

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Now, that's a meeting I wouldn't mind attending. awesome


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That's the ONLY way to have a meeting!

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Saw that on Facebook and loved it


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I bet that Company has LOTS of applicants beating down their doors! mickey

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Haha! Agreed! Wonder if they have that much fun in meetings at Disney? Do you think they randomly wear ears to work? mickey


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You have definitely got me thinking. If I left right now....

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Wouldn't that be fun to just drop everything, hop on a plane to Disney, and seriously just buy clothes and supplies when you GET there? Alas, I've lost some of my spontaneity in my "old" age...

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Unfortunately, my spontaneity would cost min. $2000 Sad International airfare, and such.


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