illuminations Sparkling Desert Party

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illuminations Sparkling Desert Party

Hi everybody! Mrs. Medic and I have been quietly lurking for several months. Recently we began planning a return trip to Disney World in February for our 26th wedding anniversary. In addition we will be celebrating our sons return from the UK. As part of the planning process we always try to find new things that we want to try. After enjoying the Desert Party in the MK for our 25th anniversary we decided we should try the Illuminations desert party.

We have been trying to get reservations for February for the last 4 - 6 weeks without any luck. Every time I check the website there is nothing available from Jan 1 thru April. When I call, the CM's that I talk to all end up saying "Check back in a couple of days. They haven't loaded the schedule yet for 2015." waiting

Here is the question: We want a good location to view Illuminations, and we would like to hear from the group. Should we try for a table at Rose and Crown or continue trying to get the Sparkling Desert Party?

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Have you considered Spice Road Table in Morocco or La Hacienda San Angel in Mexico? Though Rose and Crown is nice, if you aren't on the patio the view isn't fantastic. Both of the other restaurants were designed to give their tables the best views of the show. That being said, I haven't watched from any of the choices so I don't really have an opinion.

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We did Spice Road and loved it!! Great spot!

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The sparkling desert party has had pretty negative reviews on the quality and of the location. That is why we didn't boom. I was very disappointed in the view at rose and crown because of the table placement. We did find that the upper level of Canada offers a lovely view where you don't get shoved around. My suggestion stop by Your favorite country for a sweet snack. School bread from Norway or napoleons from France would be my picks and a glass of something the two of you could enjoy then head to canada and relax. There are benches to sit on before the show so I really like that too. Haven't been to spice table or the place in Mexico so can't offer tips there.


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I ate at la hacienda last night and had a window table, the view was perfect. However people so stay in their seats for as long as they can to keep by the window. A family were supposed to be seated next to me but it only had a partial view, they insisted they would wait for a better table, illuminations started 2 minutes later - they missed it altogether!