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This past week Disney sent out invitations to some, to beta test a new program that they're calling "InsidEARS".

This is part of what the InsidEARS splash page has to say about the new program:
"Welcome to the Disney Parks InsidEARS website: a whole new world for people who love Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort as much as you do. With so many places to turn, we know finding answers to your individual questions is sometimes as tough as finding a Hidden Mickey. So Disney Parks InsidEARS may help bring the bare necessities of the Disney Parks to you in one easy-to-navigate place."

So... interesting. Isn't this what the WDW Moms Panel was supposed to be about? Is this just another way to harness more of the marketing power of fans without actually paying anyone? Are the Disney InsidEARS another chosen few that will break the hearts of hundreds of fans who try to get into the program and get rejected? Or is this program going to be open to everyone, creating an inclusive and friendly atmosphere? Being that I didn't get a beta test invite sarcastic I can't answer those questions. However, I hope that this proves to be a useful tool, something that adds value to the online Disney experience and isn't just another message board trying to lure users from already established sites.

What do you think about this new initiative? Are you an InsidEARS beta tester? Let me know what your thoughts are!

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I'm not a tester. Good point about the Moms Panel. It will be interesting to see if this will impact it or not.