It's A Small World New York World's Fair 1964

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It's A Small World New York World's Fair 1964

Ride along on It's a Small World at the New York World's Fair complete with narration by Walt Disney himself.

I apologize in advance if the song gets stuck in your head. Smile


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Thanks JoAnn. I vaguely remember when Walt showed this on his "Wonderful World of Disney". I watched that show faithfully every Sunday night. PS I don't mind having that song running around in my head.

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Still fun.


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I like that version better then the one at WDW but I like the WDW ending better.

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Love the men in suits and women in heels. We talk about comfort for our trips....I can't image the heat or my feet at the end of the day!

They are both nice though, then and now. I know the song gets stuck in our heads, but wouldn't it be nice if the message did too?


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